Political Brutality

There's been much said about John McCain's running mate Sarah Palin, with how that complicates attack strong advertisements from the Democrats, as nobody wants to be mean to a girl, do they? Let's begin with how people were mean to Hillary Clinton. Perhaps because she's already been in politics in one way or another for decades now, or perhaps because she looks like a potato right before it's aged enough to be called "leaky", but people didn't pull their punches with her. I appreciate that. Why be nice to Sarah? John McCain is old. He has cancer, and is rapidly nearing the national average health expectancy of 77 years. If he serves an 8 year term, it is expected for him to die of old age while in office. This means that we must pay more attention to his running mate, as there is a greater-than-average chance she will be in office. So, why be nice to Sarah? The President of the United States of America is commander-in-chief of the military. This involves launching nuclear missiles. The president appoints Federal judges for life. He is the ultimate and direct boss of over "four million employees". Lastly, and most importantly, the president is responsible for signing bills into law or otherwise vetoing them. In the post-Great Depression era of regular daily interaction between the citizenry and the Federal Government, this is important. The basic job of being the president of The Single Remaining Superpower in the world is one of the most demanding jobs in the world. Why should we be nice to Sarah? We shouldn't. Nor should we be nice to the candidates themselves. They should be stressed. They should be treated as harshly by the media as possible. Fox, don't keep Bill O'Reilly attacking liberals- have him go and dog everyone. Weaknesses are found best through testing to failure. Let's have folks pressed until they show their bad side to us, before the elections. Let's do our best to crush them, before the demands of office do it while they're at the helm. In other words, I want pudding, damnit.

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